The Lion King - Movie Review


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  • Tyrant Gregcag
    Tyrant Gregcag  4 minutes back

    The Dumbo remake was GREAT!

    • uknow who
      uknow who  8 minutes back

      I just saw this movie. This is the epitome of a corporate film. Safe. Vapid. Soulless.

      • KöhlerSAStudios
        KöhlerSAStudios  13 minutes back

        Disney is like Shenzi “ a hyena’s belly is never full”

        • InfluenceFilms
          InfluenceFilms  21 minutes back

          Loved it. It's the trendy thing to do to hate on this film. So glad it is doing HUGE numbers at the box office. Ten times better than Jungle Book.

          • Pratik Mahapatra
            Pratik Mahapatra  28 minutes back

            Well analysed! The carnal of many emotions have just been snathed away ruthlessly! Too much realism and reorientation spoilt the spirit.

            • Anshuman Deogharia
              Anshuman Deogharia  30 minutes back

              It's really sad that you kept calling The Lion King (1994) "original" which is just a plagiarized version of Tezuka's Kimba the White Lion (1965). It doesn't matter how much improved the western version is, it can never surpass the original. Please do some research before making these videos.

              • Sheikh Abdullah
                Sheikh Abdullah  1 hours back

                Just saw this movie... And it sucks!

                • Kairo
                  Kairo  1 hours back

                  People really to get over this notion that certain things are sacred and should forever remain unchanged:

                  The Lion King
                  The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride
                  The Lion King 1.5
                  Around the world with Timon and Pumba
                  The Lion Guard
                  The Lion Guard: Return of Scar
                  The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar

                  But THIS remake is a step too far? Yeah okay.

                  Plus the original film is "stolen" from Kimba the White Lion, anyway.

                  People will never be happy

                  • realpopv2 :3
                    realpopv2 :3  1 hours back

                    I thought the movie was pretty good but it felt rushed for...

                    • Tevarious Tyner
                      Tevarious Tyner  1 hours back

                      Lion king simba's pride better than the original one and the remake let's argue maggots ❗❗

                      • god563616
                        god563616  1 hours back

                        This film came out when I was in 1st grade and I loved this movie. This review is sincere and disappointing.I bought pre tickets now I regret it now

                        • Josh Meyers
                          Josh Meyers  1 hours back

                          none of these disney remakes are great but dumbo is the only one i genuinely liked, you should give it a chance. it's the only one that actually feels like a classic disney movie. the elephant is adorable and eva green is a treasure

                          • knightfall209
                            knightfall209  1 hours back

                            Wow I thought I was cool getting tixs 2 weeks in advance oh well just enjoy being with the kids then we’ll go get ice cream after thanks Disney enjoy your money and improve security at Disneyland with all the money your doing from these cash grabs!!!

                            • K M
                              K M  1 hours back

                              Beyonce ruined it. Her voice was as expressionless and emotionless as her face in person and in character. Nala also sounds like a 50 year old woman not a young female. Oh right....

                              • Lohengrin O
                                Lohengrin O  2 hours back

                       is all Beyoncé's fault :D

                                • deandravr
                                  deandravr  2 hours back

                                  The movie lacked I felt the movie was rushed!!! They could have written a new story of Simba as king. The beginning scene WASN't dramatic enough. The humor was corny , no emotion I wasn't pleased.

                                  • OmegaFire
                                    OmegaFire  2 hours back

                                    With Aladdin, it was different enough, especially with jafar aditional character elements and a bit altered scene plot points.

                                    • Dylan Hatfield
                                      Dylan Hatfield  2 hours back

                                      I agree with you, but I think it would be good for kids that have never seen it, and like you said the artist did a GREAT job.

                                      • Future UFC champion
                                        Future UFC champion  2 hours back

                                        Everything sucked about this movie but Scar was great imo

                                        • Dan World
                                          Dan World  7 minutes back

                                          Future UFC champion yh coz look fierce

                                        • Future UFC champion
                                          Future UFC champion  10 minutes back

                                          @Dan World you know why the animated version was so great? cuz they had human like eyes and facial features so hte audience could relate to them and feel their emotions. in this movie scar was the only one who actually had some facial expressions. his eyes were the best part

                                        • Dan World
                                          Dan World  1 hours back

                                          Future UFC champion scar was wooden but it worked coz he was miserable lol

                                      • John Clark
                                        John Clark  3 hours back

                                        This guy and Sean talks about movies would be best friends because they have similar backgrounds

                                        • Joshua May
                                          Joshua May  3 hours back

                                          I just wish like you mentioned that they put their on spin on it maybe like a backstory of mufasa and scar or something that isn’t told or explained in the original yk?

                                          • SAR519
                                            SAR519  3 hours back

                                            Honestly the only surviving series is maleficent

                                            • Harry Sagan
                                              Harry Sagan  3 hours back

                                              All very valid points. But this film was awesome and exactly what I wanted. Don’t change it at all coz it already perfect

                                              • Calvin Johnstone
                                                Calvin Johnstone  3 hours back

                                                Praise the computers of the artists you mean.

                                                • Corey Samson
                                                  Corey Samson  4 hours back

                                                  It's just a phase. Just like horror movies when I was growing up. Or the fact that werewolves dominated horror for a while, then it was vampires, then paranormal activity. Just like Disney went through a musical phase when I was growing up. It's just a remake phase which personally I'm cool with but I would also like to think that during all this remake phase that Disney is actually working on some new material that will blow our minds. I'm loving the nostalgia and the chance to have a whole new collection of Disney for my little girl but at the same time I don't really want to sit through remakes of their whole catalog. It's time for something new.

                                                  • Baked
                                                    Baked  4 hours back

                                                    the movie is junk plus it has beyonce in it makes it even easier to hate.

                                                    • Bring Da Beards
                                                      Bring Da Beards  4 hours back

                                                      More soulless, corporate garbage from disney.

                                                      • Josh Walker
                                                        Josh Walker  4 hours back

                                                        Imagine having this amazing CGI technology and you waste it on nothing but soulless cashgrab remakes

                                                        • Derangedxzombie
                                                          Derangedxzombie  4 hours back

                                                          I'll give it a watch, could be good.

                                                          • Tiara King
                                                            Tiara King  5 hours back

                                                            I was disappointed. The emotion was definitely lacking. Older Simba was blah, I was waiting for Rafiki to say some of his key lines, didn't happen. Unnecessary emphasis was placed on Nala. Scar continually asking Sarabi to be his queen was uncomfortable. What happened to Ed? I could go on. Bottom line, I'll stick to the cartoon. It had more meaning.

                                                            • Tulala
                                                              Tulala  5 hours back

                                                              Thanks for saving me the time seeing this one.

                                                              • Miranda TheGerm
                                                                Miranda TheGerm  5 hours back

                                                                ... it wasn't bad but it could have been much better. I like how it looked a lot, it was much more epic in appearence but the cast said their lines so rigidly and to me it didn't have a lot of flow overall. Some of the lines were wayy too corny and felt out of place.. it felt to me like they were trying wayy too hard to overdo the original, definitely felt like they were trying too hard to make it different. I feel like in an effort to make it different they made it corny, but others parts were just absolutely stunning and epic. I feel like a lot of parts they tried to be different with were really terrible, but then others were just a great touch and I loved it. The movie went by wayy too fast, not in a positive way.. because to me it felt like there was not a true climax, it felt like a steady line the whole time but with some wowing scenes in it. It felt like the movie had started 5 minutes ago when you had been watching it for 2 hours already. I like overall how the characters were done, but some were cringy. Some of the iconic parts were done very poorly.. and then others were done to expectation and some above. I have so many mixed feelings about the movie. I feel like in an effort to make it different they opened up a lot of needless plotholes, contradictions and a big doorway to too many corny and cringy lines. Overall it was a very nostalgic movie. It wasn't bad, but it left me feeling unsatisfied when it was over, like I feel it was good but could have been done much better. The script could have been MUCH better overall and I wish the acting didn't feel so forced. It wasn't bad though, in a certain way I feel it was better than the original but at the same time far off the mark. It was definitely epic and nostalgic tho. But if it wasn't so try hard it would have been much better. I was very pleasantly surprised by how Beyonce portrayed Nala I must say! I have to say the cast wasn't bad, but I think they said their lines too rigidly, and it sounded like someone reading off a piece of paper. But then other parts it just felt right. I think a lot of the characters personalities were changed a lot, but I can't say it was bad I actually really liked how they did that. There were a lot of little moments in the movie that felt really really good, but then also a lot of big moments that left me disappointed but the character looks and most of the characters themselves left me happy.. I feel it had potential but I wasn't completely satisfied at the end.

                                                                I could go on and on about it tbh. I have a lot of thoughts on the movie, tho I think it could have been better it wasn't complete trash. If I were you, I'd still watch it, because it is a new experience, an eye opener and pure nastolgia. I did have to relook at the original, and it made me appreciate the new movie a lot. It did make me rethink a lot of things about the original which is very good of it.

                                                                This review of the movie basically sums up my thoughts. And probably better worded in my opinion.

                                                                This is purely my opinion, you might have a different one. If you do, than tell me! But don't let my review change your mind about seeing it

                                                                • IntRoVertsRus
                                                                  IntRoVertsRus  5 hours back

                                                                  It should've been a prequel about Mufasa. We could see what his father thought him and how Scar came to be. 3d animated.

                                                                  • Petre Mihai Nicolae
                                                                    Petre Mihai Nicolae  5 hours back

                                                                    Technically, the movie is masterpiece, but it lacks any emotion, it˙s like watching an Animal Planet documentary with a voice over. Real animals dont have facial expressions, dont show emotions. This is just Disney showing the world what they can do technically. Just watch a Nat Wild documentary, it`s gonna be more interesting.

                                                                    • Dan World
                                                                      Dan World  1 hours back

                                                                      Petre Mihai Nicolae spot on bro

                                                                  • Miranda TheGerm
                                                                    Miranda TheGerm  5 hours back

                                                                    It felt like they tried too hard to make it different and no..

                                                                    • Ryan 31
                                                                      Ryan 31  6 hours back

                                                                      I think a 7/10 on IMDB is pretty good

                                                                      • Sea Panther
                                                                        Sea Panther  6 hours back

                                                                        I like that they didn't add a spin or SJW it up. Why mess up a classic. I guarantee so many more would be upset with a person putting their individual spin on it (i.e. Aladdin, little mermaid, Ghostbusters, star wars, dumbo). Add don't take paid for cinema rating sites for truth.

                                                                        • Nicolai Holmstoel
                                                                          Nicolai Holmstoel  6 hours back

                                                                          I didn't expect it to be different because the story in the original was already perfect in my opinion and changing it would only hurt it. I expect a scene for scene remake and i enjoyed it for what it was.

                                                                          • naim tate
                                                                            naim tate  6 hours back

                                                                            I love it. I actually would have been pissed if they changed more than 10 percent of this. If they also put a spin on the movie it’s Lion King 1 1/2 which came out and was terrible lol.

                                                                            • Dwilder812
                                                                              Dwilder812  6 hours back

                                                                              If only they brought back Nathan Lane I could look past a lot. Same way if Aladdin would have had Gilbert Godfrey

                                                                              • Bolt
                                                                                Bolt  6 hours back

                                                                                I was soo excited back when the jungle book "live action" had come out because I heard they would most likely make the lion king as well.
                                                                                It was and still is one of my favorite childhood movies but WTF how come the animals in the Jungle book all seem to show and express emotion INCLUDING both Bagheera and Shere Khan which are also big cats, yet just as you say all the animals in the lion king seem souless.
                                                                                One of my favorite scenes is when Mufasa tells Zazu "take nala home I need to teach my son a lesson" and Simba cowers in fear yet in the 2019 version he shows nothing.
                                                                                The movie looked beautiful but the original is 100x's better

                                                                                • Lucas Pendley
                                                                                  Lucas Pendley  6 hours back

                                                                                  Imagine if he was this ciritcal of the last jedi.

                                                                                  • Aline Lütz
                                                                                    Aline Lütz  6 hours back

                                                                                    As a huge fan of nature documentaries, I loved the fact that the face expressions in this movie were so realistic. I hate when they put human expressions in Animals. Animals can express emotion in different ways and It's very nice to observe that. For me at least

                                                                                    • Aline Lütz
                                                                                      Aline Lütz  6 hours back

                                                                                      I didn't like that in Jungle Book. If you're gonna make a movie that seems realistic, the animals must look like animals in real life as much as possible. I think

                                                                                  • bob polo
                                                                                    bob polo  6 hours back

                                                                                    Disney can afford to take chances with this amazing technology and create new stories with greater animation. They literally own the market

                                                                                    • DOPEusername
                                                                                      DOPEusername  6 hours back

                                                                                      Sooooooo.... long story short:why would you do this different,? but I’m mad you didn’t make it more different. But at the same time it’s a shot for shot. But you took the stuff that I specifically wanted and didn’t include it.... cmon lol it was great

                                                                                      • Generalissimo89
                                                                                        Generalissimo89  6 hours back

                                                                                        Calling it Live Action when it's all CGI.... how stupid have people become. Also, the excuse of having this remake for a newer generation is equally stupid... the 1994 original classic is ALWAYS available for EVERYONE (young and old), which this remake utterly pointless. It's not the same as remaking an old video game with modern graphics, because the 1994 original's animation is just far superior to this 2019 crappy and soulless remake.

                                                                                        • Carlo Lao
                                                                                          Carlo Lao  7 hours back

                                                                                          Just by seeing the Lion king trailer, I knew this movie is not gonna be as good as The Aladdin remake because at least this movie was done w/ great changes

                                                                                          • Stephen Lacaze
                                                                                            Stephen Lacaze  7 hours back

                                                                                            Being pretty critical of movies in general, I wasn't expecting much from this one. But I was actually surprised. As another massive fan of the original, I thought they provided a good mix of new and original content. The CGI incredible and the story was at least preserved - which is what makes lion king in my opinion the best Disney fill of all. The new Scar was great, shenzu was also surprising in her new role and the world they expanded in Hakuna Matata land was awesome. A couple downsides for me was the armature voice acting especially both Simba's. It's like the actors didn't have a feel for the tone or circumstances when reading the lines, some.came across just flat and unusual. The part where Nala re unites with Simba was to easy and there was almost no surprise shown by her which was wierd. But yes the biggest was the lack of emotions in the characters, like, I get the desire to have it be as real as possible..but during those plot building scenes it was the actual story and not the characters drawing me in. It doesn't have to be like Netflix Jungle book, but somewhere between this and that would have been the sweet spot..just some emotion, not sure why that creative decision was made to leave it out. Other than that I actually really enjoyed it and was moved by the comedy and some new things added..although this did have the potential to be as incredible as the CGI with so much material to work with, definitely worth the watch.