The Worst SUVs to Buy

  • Published: 07 May 2019
  • The Worst SUVs to Buy, DIY and SUV review with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. The least reliable SUVs that won't make it to 100,000 miles or more. The worst suv to buy that won't make it to 100,000 miles without major repairs. The least reliable used SUV. New suvs not worth buying. Low mileage SUVs that won't last. SUVs that don't last. SUVs that break all the time. SUV Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.

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Comments • 2 956

  • Scotty Kilmer
    Scotty Kilmer   1 months back

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    • Sonic-Max
      Sonic-Max  5 days back

      Scotty Kilmer make a video of the 10 safest SUV’S or 10 SUV’S that will make to 100K miles

    • ack reik
      ack reik  2 weeks back

      Scotty I need to know that is my 94 camry is better then the new Mercedes Benz c class

    • Big- Texas
      Big- Texas  2 weeks back

      What about Hyundai Tucson.

    • The Rocking Thriving
      The Rocking Thriving  3 weeks back

      Scotty Kilmer so a Volkswagen Toureg will last 100k miles

    • Ftw540
      Ftw540  3 weeks back

      Scotty Kilmer what about the 2003-2005 Lincoln aviator line

  • Da'Jour Cooper
    Da'Jour Cooper  11 hours back

    Let me get the cut out of you pointing that is on all of your thumbnails.

    It would be a great meme template.

    • Jaxon Day
      Jaxon Day  2 days back

      Just because you have had one experience with those cars doesn’t mean that they are bad cars because I have a 2016 Nissan Rouge and it has 80 thousand miles

      • Lousybarber
        Lousybarber  2 days back

        Scotty you missed the worst of all. Anything made by Land Rover.

        • ms tk
          ms tk  2 days back

          Nissans CVTs are sux. doesn't last, like Hyper CVT(include M6), Xtroid CVT(not Xtronic CVT... still it sux).

          • Mr. Thickey
            Mr. Thickey  2 days back

            As a proud subscriber, I need your "projected" advice! I own a 2012 Ford Escape SUV with 50,000 miles on its 2.5L engine. It's been one of the most reliable cars ever for me! Never an engine problem! Regular maintainance. That worries me a little!!! Should I think about another car/SUV BEFORE troubles come? Besides my regular mechanic whom I've trusted for years, YOU are my "go-to" guy for advice!! I'd let you "ring my bell (or"ding!) but I'm married!!! Sorry Scotty, you ol' "decarbonated cumquat" you!!! "Ach du lieber, mein schatz"!

            • john jones
              john jones  3 days back

              The early model jeep compass with the CVT transmissions perhaps the most horrible SUV ever created in a board room, parlayed to an assembly line and created to be sold to consumers. Someone from Fiat Chrysler must have fell and bumped their heads if they thought this was a great vehicle for consumers to drive

              • TheBsmith Images
                TheBsmith Images  3 days back

                5:27 😂

                • Rosh Brennen
                  Rosh Brennen  3 days back

                  Fiat FU. Dodge was great. Was

                  • Mr. Baghdad
                    Mr. Baghdad  4 days back

                    Wish we had the Aspen back. Liked it.

                    • Mr. Baghdad
                      Mr. Baghdad  4 days back

                      Jeffree Star needs to watch this. He drives an Urus.

                      • Mr. Baghdad
                        Mr. Baghdad  4 days back

                        Best SUV's to buy:
                        Geely Boyue
                        Proton X70
                        Mercedes G-Class
                        Ssangyong Korando
                        Volkswagen Touareg

                        • Manuel Antonio
                          Manuel Antonio  4 days back

                          Great job Scotty, and so entertaining, your the best!

                          • Tacticool Millenial
                            Tacticool Millenial  4 days back

                            I have a jeep SUV with 243,000 miles. Wrangler. 99

                            • Angelic Alien333
                              Angelic Alien333  4 days back

                              The Aspen wouldnt start to rain, CAR-ARTHRITIS? CARthritis

                              • Wheel bearing
                                Wheel bearing  5 days back

                                They are all junk. Money pits from day 1

                                • B3TO818
                                  B3TO818  5 days back

                                  What about the cheap Explorer and Expadition? You never say anything bad about Ford.

                                  • Anthony Tobias
                                    Anthony Tobias  5 days back

                                    It's because he likes ford... hates Chrysler... he has a lot of stories about bad new Chrysler cars breaking down.... I do not know anyone who would bring a warranty job to a guy in a driveway shop ha ha

                                • Julio Bernal
                                  Julio Bernal  6 days back

                                  Where did you get your info regarding the warranty for a new Nissan Rogue? Also, Did you know that depending on where you look online, the Rogue is either the #1 or #2 best selling crossover in the US? I understand you're not a fan of Nissan or the CVT transmissions that are now found in most Japanese and American vehicles but let's give credit where it's due.

                                  Lastly, I have owned Nissan's and I owned a Lexus vehicles as well. They've both been great to own.

                                  Keep up the great work Scotty! I very much enjoy your videos!

                                  • Bill Clinton
                                    Bill Clinton  6 days back

                                    Do you work on SUVs?????
                                    Or are you just a youtube hero

                                    • Jack Sick
                                      Jack Sick  1 weeks back

                                      Why did they stop making the jeep patriots in 2017

                                      • Jack Sick
                                        Jack Sick  1 weeks back

                                        How about the jeep patriots 2014 to 2017

                                        • C:\ DOS
                                          C:\ DOS  1 weeks back

                                          Im sure that Scotty's 1994 Toyota Celica is more reliable than any new Mercedes Benz car.

                                          • Bill Clinton
                                            Bill Clinton  6 days back

                                            Heck yea and he looks really manly driving it :/

                                        • rubies200
                                          rubies200  1 weeks back

                                          Not only does the Nissan Rogue have that oil leak fire problem, but also the Hyundai Veracruz.

                                          So, do these cars have the same manufacturing plant--or is it a design flaw?

                                          • Todd Tollfree
                                            Todd Tollfree  1 weeks back

                                            Sorry Scott Got a 07 aspen. 263.000 its how you keep it up...

                                            • Justin M
                                              Justin M  1 weeks back

                                              In Canada ford is garbage and Chevy is way better build quality. and ford is for people that are broke with second mortgage on their house

                                              • floodland99
                                                floodland99  1 weeks back

                                                The Italian people's heart was never into WWII and when the citizenry of a country do not believe in a particular war that country usually loses said war, see Vietnam. AND Japan also surrendered (in fact they got nuked, not too smart) and you love their cars. :-) I'm a big fan of yours anyways, many blessings to you.

                                                • Paul Mohr
                                                  Paul Mohr  1 weeks back

                                                  My '07 saturn vue has 210,000 miles and it still runs. Needs a tune up, but it still runs. For how much longer I have no idea lol. I am hoping it makes it to 300K. It does have a honda engine though. My concern is its all wheel drive and I don't know if I trust the drive train. Never owned an all wheel drive before.

                                                  • Michael P
                                                    Michael P  2 weeks back

                                                    3.4l 5vz and 4.7 2uz both in my family. Have a 6.4 Ford that's ALWAYS broke and a 2.4 Nissan KA that has its issues as well.

                                                    • Boldsword
                                                      Boldsword  2 weeks back

                                                      I wonder if the camera person gets dizzy from spinning around every 5 seconds

                                                      • Argent 2
                                                        Argent 2  2 weeks back

                                                        >>>>>>>>>>>>> SCOTTY I HAVE A HONEST QUESTION<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Are you on Meth when you make your videos?

                                                        • Sheila P.
                                                          Sheila P.  2 weeks back

                                                          Hi Scotty can you do a video on minivans please and thank you ? 😊

                                                          • Agustin Vazquez
                                                            Agustin Vazquez  2 weeks back

                                                            I had a 2008 Equinox sport 3.6 engine. 160,000 miles. Timing went out, with last three payments on it.

                                                          • corporate world woke slave

                                                            I love my 02 trailblazer LT

                                                            • Jeff Laborda
                                                              Jeff Laborda  2 weeks back

                                                              Scotty, do you have a video on the best SUV's to buy? I currently have an Equinox with 91000 miles and it is still running really major issues at all. I'd like to maybe sell it and buy something that might last a lot longer with little problems.

                                                              • James Ward
                                                                James Ward  2 weeks back

                                                                What no Land Rovers?

                                                                • clva03 clva03
                                                                  clva03 clva03  2 weeks back

                                                                  you are soooooo annoying

                                                                  • Nunyo Bidness
                                                                    Nunyo Bidness  2 weeks back

                                                                    I own a 2009 Aspen. And although it’s garaged and I only have like 60K miles on it, to this day, it’s held up pretty well with regular maintenance. I all synthetic oil. The GPS is wonky, but maybe a software upgrade and SSD would help. Other that that, nothing bad has happened with it. We do somewhat baby it though, so we may be an exception. If I were rich, I’d probably get the Toyota Sequoia. :/

                                                                    • ednan9
                                                                      ednan9  2 weeks back

                                                                      Back in the day, they had the POS Isuzu Rodeo- what a POS

                                                                      • ednan9
                                                                        ednan9  2 weeks back

                                                                        @3:36 - Scotty is too hard on poor Italians :)

                                                                        • meadowsmydog
                                                                          meadowsmydog  2 weeks back

                                                                          Yup, the Chrysler Aspen wasn't well made. But I like the ones with the Hemi enough to buy a clean low-mileage one so long as the price was right.

                                                                          • Daniel McGilliss
                                                                            Daniel McGilliss  2 weeks back

                                                                            Fiat stands for "Fix It Again Tony"!!

                                                                            • Mr Anonymous1113
                                                                              Mr Anonymous1113  2 weeks back

                                                                              Any opinions on a 2010 Ford Edge?

                                                                              • Dominic Dannible
                                                                                Dominic Dannible  2 weeks back

                                                                                ha! My wife had an Equinox and the trans went out @ 90k

                                                                                • Mr Anonymous1113
                                                                                  Mr Anonymous1113  2 weeks back

                                                                                  Been doing my research on a good used suv. Took Equinox off the list, read nothing but bad things about it.

                                                                              • Mike Smith
                                                                                Mike Smith  2 weeks back

                                                                                This video has some sort of weird repeat in it, I think your editing has a fault.

                                                                                • ack reik
                                                                                  ack reik  2 weeks back

                                                                                  Where are the Mercedes-Benz SUVS

                                                                                  • Nick Guffey
                                                                                    Nick Guffey  2 weeks back

                                                                                    You sir are a douche

                                                                                    • Drwhispin
                                                                                      Drwhispin  2 weeks back


                                                                                      • Lorne Thompson
                                                                                        Lorne Thompson  2 weeks back

                                                                                        CVT only for MOPEDS and snowmobiles not cars.