This Will Destroy Your Car

  • Published: 14 May 2019
  • This Will Destroy Your Car, DIY and car repair with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Car maintenance fails. New cars vs old cars and how to maintain them. 5 things you should never do in a new car. Why modern cars require different maintenance than older cars. What not to do to your car if you want it to last a long time. Car maintenance tips for newer cars. How new cars work compared to old cars. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.

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  • Scotty Kilmer
    Scotty Kilmer   1 months back

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    • rdxut
      rdxut  1 weeks back

      @Janson Gander thank you

    • Janson Gander
      Janson Gander  2 weeks back

      @rdxut Cars made since 1999 to now, they've been built with computers for nearly 30 years. But only the ones made from 2003 upwards are made with excessive amounts of sensors and computers, in general. So, 20 years basically.

    • Justin Tame
      Justin Tame  3 weeks back

      @DO NOT SUBSCRIBE OR YOU WILL BE HACKED i have a 2013 dodge dart 1.4. I have 151,000 miles and have only just had to replace the front wheel bearings. If yours are going out more than once or twice within 70 to 100,000 miles there's definitely another cause besides just being bad bearings. I wish i knew the answer for you. Alignment is good? You have stock rims? Do you drive down very bumpy roads frequently? Travel on the interstate frequently? How's the suspension, ball joints, etc? These things I'd be looking into and considering if I was going through wheel bearings. But yes, I suppose if your buying the same replacement wheel bearings and they keep failing there could be a possibility that they aren't made well.

    • Omar Terrazas
      Omar Terrazas  4 weeks back

      So be it

    • hphoto
      hphoto  1 months back

      Had to jump start a Tesla once. Man, I was there for hours!

  • Steven Cirone
    Steven Cirone  14 hours back

    I saw a guy get a face full of battery acid when he jumped incorrectly. The hydrogen gas originates in the battery itself, which is a confined space. The spark caused the top of the battery to blow off and splatter acid all over. Good thing he was a glasses wearer.

    • deadeyex dan
      deadeyex dan  24 hours back

      I've been putting 10w 30 in my 07 Tahoe for years. Is it okay to switch to what it calls for(5w 30) or should I just stick to what has been working?

      • Brian
        Brian  1 days back

        I've been putting cold water into my gas tank to cool it down on hot summer days for over 40 years now. I go through a lot of cars because of engine problems. I usually have to buy a new car every 6 to 12 month. Do you think I would get more use from my cars if I used warmer water instead of cold water?

        • Boyd Hudson
          Boyd Hudson  2 days back

          Scotty, What's your take on a used (2 year old) ford police intercept utility with the turbo charged ecoboost engine. What things should I look out for?

          • Brian
            Brian  1 days back

            Sludge in your rear end is going to be an issue.

        • Grey Jay
          Grey Jay  2 days back

          4 cylinder turbocharged VW's are famous for accumulating engine deposits. VW says it happens when people use conventional oil, instead of (expensive) synthetic oil. I wonder if conventional oil, with 4 oz. of Marvel Mystery Oil added, would achieve the same thing as synthetic oil. The idea of floating a bank loan, every time an oil change is due, makes my Yankee blood boil. Note: There is no such thing as "synthetic" oil. Its really conventional oil which has been refined more completely than the regular stuff. What say you, Scotty?

          • yoser Vlogs
            yoser Vlogs  2 days back

            I love this man

            • safe haven
              safe haven  2 days back

              I have always looked at my tires and think they are way too low in air. Now I know I am just being paranoid. I have seen countless times where people are getting their cars jumped the wrong way. Lucky they didn't fry their electrical system.

              • D.J. Count VamPony
                D.J. Count VamPony  3 days back

                Wow the blasted car companies put a stop to the tried & true remedies didn't they Scotty?

                • PIANOSTYLE100
                  PIANOSTYLE100  3 days back

                  I learned a lot from this video . I have had two cars running at the same time ..glad that nothing was damaged. I'll stop that. If I put the positive on first then find a good ground. I would think you would take the positive off first, then the negative off last.Of course the car is off. You can comment on top..carry some duct tape for water hose leaks. I did this and changed it out the next morning and the duct tape had turned into a very strong rubber from the heat.


                  • Deborah Burke
                    Deborah Burke  3 days back

                    Wow Scotty I have been doing so much wrong thanks for your help

                    • Kp Lebeck
                      Kp Lebeck  4 days back

                      Thanks Scotty,  your invaluable .

                      • Kp Lebeck
                        Kp Lebeck  24 hours back

                        I meant Valuable.   Wooops,   Word Brain malfunction.  Scotty is awesome.

                      • Brian
                        Brian  1 days back

                        Not cool. He is valuable to many people. Keep it to yourself if you don't like him.

                    • Mark Thomas
                      Mark Thomas  4 days back

                      Awesome vid, as usual.

                      • Erick Chavez
                        Erick Chavez  4 days back

                        Son of a B!+¢h... I’ve been topping off the gas for the longest!!!!!! Geez thanks mister Kilmer

                        • Zakir Anderson
                          Zakir Anderson  5 days back

                          Bringing us old farts upto speed. 10/10

                          • Zakir Anderson
                            Zakir Anderson  5 days back

                            This guys enthusiasm is contagious, love it.

                            • David Hunter
                              David Hunter  5 days back

                              I've been using NULON oil in my 2009 wrangler unlimited for 9 years. It uses some oil but it always has. 170,000 km on it now and I've never had to do anything to it. It just keeps going. Guess I'll keep using it.

                              • Julian Brelsford
                                Julian Brelsford  6 days back

                                One thing that bugs me is how in NJ (I typically go there a few times a month) the gas station attendants assume it's okay to top up the tank, in order to make a round number on my credit card purchase. Yeah, I'm buying with a credit card and they're still doing this. Nope. I buy gas in NJ maybe ten or twenty times per year and I don't want to risk problems with my car due to "topping off".

                                • Jean Valgeant
                                  Jean Valgeant  6 days back

                                  This must be a sort of american thing I auess :-)

                                  • ITSATRAP !
                                    ITSATRAP !  6 days back

                                    I should stop topping off when I gas up.

                                    • Erich Roberts
                                      Erich Roberts  6 days back

                                      another recommendation by manufacturers which can be found on most cars is oil weights to be used between seasons. example: 5w-30 for winter months, 10w-30 or 40 for summer months.

                                      • luis flores
                                        luis flores  6 days back

                                        Every people should listed to your vídeo

                                        • David Mohr
                                          David Mohr  6 days back

                                          The advice on jump starting and running without battery connected are very good tips plus all the rest as well Thanks for posting :-)

                                          • George Strickland
                                            George Strickland  7 days back

                                            scottys so full of it its running out his ears,talks about General motors leaving the USA,when they build and sell more vehicles here than any other auto maker,he is so frekin in love with toyota he eats rice for breakfast,he hates General motors,once in a while he will say something good about Ford,but mostly just talks crap about how great yota is,give me a break,he dont know what he dont know lol

                                            • Phoenix NightOwl, Jr.
                                              Phoenix NightOwl, Jr.  7 days back

                                              To all of the "Generation-X'ers & "Millenials" out there who may think this is overblown:
                                              IT'S NOT!
                                              It happens; "I've been there & had it happen when the road service truck was jumping the car, and the battery DID go BANG!". (The battery was a "flooded-cell" type, which caused the "acid-in-water" electrolyte to spray everywhere; I'd been across the street when it happened, & went over to see if there was a fire or if anyone was hurt; after making sure there was no immediate damage to people or anything else, I told the car-owner to go to the nearest water hose, and (while keeping water out of the air-intake & anywhere else that could be damaged by having water sprayed into or onto it), hose down everyplace that wouldn't be damaged by the water. He didn't believe me, & a week later, half of the sheet-metal under the hood was rotted-out from the sulfuric acid residue.
                                              I've had an (unknown to me at the time) incorrect battery explode (like, Ka-BOOM!"), under me on my old Harley-Davidson after being on the highway for an hour in the summertime, & had stopped to see if a friend was home, which he wasn't. When I hit the starter button to re-start the bike, (I'd always preferred the "kick-starter", except for this once), I still thank goodness, (& Wm. Harley for the battery-cover he'd designed onto that bike, which was why I didn't know the battery wasn't an "FLH"-battery to begin with), for that wide seat!
                                              It turned out that the battery was far too small & had been for a Japanese bike, (which didn't vibrate the way my old H-D did), & an internal cell-connector had finally "given out" & cracked; so pressing that "starter-button" had caused enough current to try to go through the cracked link that it "lit up", & ignited the Hydrogen & Oxygen in the top of the battery, causing the gases at the top of each cell to explode, & the explosions went from the "bad" connector & cell to the next cell(s), until it had "blown out" all of the cell-separators.
                                              My jeans had immediately turned into "speedos", but there was enough there for me to run to a neighbors' water-hose, & I hosed the acid off of everything, while the baking-soda, (which I'd always kept a few pounds of everywhere: at home, in the car, in the bikes' saddle-bags, & anywhere else I could think of to keep some), & had liberally sprinkled it on everything wet, starting with my legs, & following it with the water-hose, until it finally stopped "fizzing" that "sulfur"-odor.
                                              On a different occasion, I saw another guy looking directly into the battery water-filler-holes when the jumper-cables were incorrectly connected between his car & a car with a charged battery, by someone else who was "helping" him, which caused the acid in his "not-quite dead" battery to boil & spray directly into his face, {that's why they tell you to ALWAYS have & USE safety glasses at a minimum when working anywhere near those batteries, which this guy hadn't done}. Fortunately for him, there was a VFD across the street with the bay-doors open, so we dragged him inside to an "eye-wash" basin on the wall, & washed his eyes for 15 minutes, (then someone else there put him in the ambulance & took him over to the local hospital for a more thorough "check-up", which is why he can still see OK today.)
                                              I've learned to be VERY respectful of the chemistry in batteries, since they really CAN and DO "blow up in your face" (or worse)! The factories have to put all of those warnings on every battery they make; they're not free, & it takes time to make sure they're on properly, so PAY ATTENTION to them!
                                              Scotty, keep up these very well-done videos, but point out to the "youngsters" out there, that while you may have your glasses on, you're normally NOT working on anything at the time, you're making the video, & that when DOING the work, BE CAREFUL!
                                              When working on something like a high-current battery, or a spinning engine, or explosive fuels, etc., one SHOULD be wearing an acid-proof apron & face-shield, "sans jewelry", & keep a water-hose, baking-soda, a phone with the local emergency-services number on "speed-dial" within reach, etc., while doing any kind of automotive work, & NEVER trust only a hydraulic jack to hold up a car while you're under it; use "jack-stands"!
                                              There are enough people who have "pieces missing", or who can't see properly, if at all, from a "little mistake" like that; so while you're being informative, also be "safety-aware" & "spread the word"!

                                              • Manly Bean
                                                Manly Bean  7 days back

                                                I just unsubscribes from top gear😘

                                                • Macht Nichts Sei Mann
                                                  Macht Nichts Sei Mann  7 days back

                                                  Simple Questions ( that gets different answers from different mechanacis I've asked ): If my current tires are 44 PSI Max, but the original vehicle manufacturer suggestion on the inside door sticker is 32 PSI, which one do I go with? If I go with 44 PSI Max, should they only be inflated to 40 PSI to give some leeway for hotter temperatures? 36 PSI?

                                                  • Ryon Brand
                                                    Ryon Brand  7 days back

                                                    The only “modern” cars that you should premix are Wankel engines, RX-7, RX-8, Eunos cosmo...

                                                    • Ryon Brand
                                                      Ryon Brand  7 days back

                                                      When I jump start someone’s car, I connect the jumper cables to their car first, then to mine, then they start their car and I disconnect the cables, I never leave them connected for longer than 15-20 seconds.

                                                      • GeekPR-1977
                                                        GeekPR-1977  1 weeks back

                                                        Damn, I've done some of these things, and know a LOT of folks that have done these things also!

                                                        • kingcrumpet
                                                          kingcrumpet  1 weeks back

                                                          Yeah no worries I'll just ask the good Samaritan who's stopped to jump start me to wait 10 minutes. Not practical.

                                                          • Thisor Scaff
                                                            Thisor Scaff  1 weeks back

                                                            Love it, you sound like tom Kenny some times, you should do voice work

                                                            • John Hickman
                                                              John Hickman  1 weeks back

                                                              Scotty is a national asset. He must be protected.

                                                              • paystyles
                                                                paystyles  1 weeks back

                                                                Agree hes like
                                                                I can tell hes sober in this video
                                                                Gotta luv Uncle Scotty

                                                            • DoctorArt PhD
                                                              DoctorArt PhD  1 weeks back

                                                              Can we discuss vapor lock and the best way to stop this when this occurs ? Thank you. My 1988 Wrangler (straight 6 cyl) seems to be hard to start in SUMMER time sometimes, after running a while, like going to the store. Is there a way to insulate the fuel line ?

                                                              • DoctorArt PhD
                                                                DoctorArt PhD  1 weeks back

                                                                I have seen a battery explode a few years ago, due to connecting battery cables incorrectly.

                                                                • CryptoConservativeJason

                                                                  your all wrong scotty. I see your used to pre 2017 cars. After 2017 cars need to be cross jumped parallel. Red to black and black to red.

                                                                • Jacob
                                                                  Jacob  1 weeks back

                                                                  Scotty, clean your damn garage!!

                                                                  • The Bee Guy
                                                                    The Bee Guy  1 weeks back

                                                                    Modern cars past the year 2008 are computerized junk.

                                                                  • tommy d
                                                                    tommy d  1 weeks back

                                                                    Hey Scotty, love the videos! I've put Marvel Mystery Oil every so often in both the gas tank & in the crankcase & my cars seemed to have run great (PPV's years 2007-2014). Do you recommend NOT using that? Thanks!

                                                                    • deni 745
                                                                      deni 745  1 weeks back

                                                                      Dang, I’ve done most of those errors, now I know

                                                                      • j b
                                                                        j b  1 weeks back

                                                                        ugh just bought something per your recommendation... gee thanks for the addiction

                                                                        • Frank Winkhorst
                                                                          Frank Winkhorst  1 weeks back

                                                                          Watching these videos will destroy your brain.

                                                                          • Waqar.maqsood Maqsood
                                                                            Waqar.maqsood Maqsood  1 weeks back

                                                                            He dont know about car only waesting the time of peopels

                                                                            • Waqar.maqsood Maqsood
                                                                              Waqar.maqsood Maqsood  1 weeks back

                                                                              This baledy basterd unnessesry barking like dog

                                                                              • HondaMan Vtec
                                                                                HondaMan Vtec  1 weeks back

                                                                                He forgot to say. If you drive a Audi.

                                                                                • Vencedor Uberstar
                                                                                  Vencedor Uberstar  1 weeks back

                                                                                  The tires I buy for my car say 30-40 psi, my car's manual says 33 psi, but I always put in 36 psi I like a happy medium.

                                                                                  • The Ghost
                                                                                    The Ghost  1 weeks back

                                                                                    one big problem I have found is people don't know the difference between general use  grade valve and injector cleaner and the professional grade valve and injector cleaner. don't ever put the professional grade stuff into your tank, it will melt and damage anything made out of some plastics and some rubbers. And that includes some of these modern plastic fuel tanks. They are used in stand alone cleaning units that are plugged straight into the fuel rail and your normal tank is bypassed to feed back into itself. I have had 2 times someone has somehow got their hands on the professional stuff and done a tonne of damage to their cars.

                                                                                    • michael cipperley
                                                                                      michael cipperley  2 weeks back

                                                                                      TOTALLY AGREE. THATS WHY MODERN CARS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!